What makes us different

We are an energized and agile consultancy with an innovative approach to all our work.

We bring a wealth of knowledge gained from our experience working and making decisions at top-ranking Asset Managers and Consultancies.

We work seamlessly as part of your team, while maintaining our position as the independent ‘outside eye’.

We believe in partnership, collaboration and empowering teams; we give leaders the extra bandwidth they need to deliver change.

Our consultants

We are an international team of Asset Management industry professionals based in London and working in the UK and across Europe.

We bring the benefits of our experience and insight to our everyday work, applying it to the numerous challenges our clients face.

Our sound experience is complemented by digital skills and abilities, and we tailor our approach and teams to maximise success.

Our philosophy

We believe in the power of diversity, and strive to constantly integrate best-practice and behaviour in our approach.

This philosophy underpins our engagements with our clients, and also with all our stakeholders.