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Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 28th May 2020

Never before have we had so much time for introspection and self-reflection. During this ‘pause’ a lot of questions have cropped up. As you prepare to exit the lockdown[1], you may be asking yourself questions about the shape and meaning of your role in a post-Covid-19 world: How are we going to return to work? Is my role going to change? How can I be effective online? Can my career continue to progress, and how? How will I relate to my manager, my peers? Is this an opportunity to redesign my role, or do something different?

You may be asking similar questions with regards your organisation, either as a member of a team, or in your role as a manager or leader: How am I bringing my team back together after the lockdown? How do we deal with the distress and disconnect that Covid-19 has brought onto everybody? How do we design a strategy for the future? What makes sense for us as a team?

All these are legitimate and healthy questions, all the more that we have collectively experienced the Covid-19 crisis as a life-changing and intense situation.

AlgoMe Consulting has a prime mission to accompany organisations through their transformation journey, especially when our clients seek for ways to reflect on their roles or their leadership style in light of changing circumstances.

In a move to support these reflections, we are opening our Executive Coaching programmes to members of the Wealth and Asset Management industry this summer, on a pro bono basis. What you can expect is a supportive, confidential space where our Executive Coaches will help and guide you, as an individual or as team, through your questions and reflection, with a bias towards practical and effective ways to enhance your effectiveness. 

Summer Career Coaching Clinic for individuals:

Our first such career coaching clinic is offered to individuals[2] on Tuesday, June 16th via Zoom. Please register here to book your one-on-one 50 min. free, confidential session:

Other clinics will be offered in the course of the summer, if you are unable to register for the event of June 16th .

Leadership Career Coaching for teams:

Leadership coaching clinics for teams of up to five members will be offered on a pro bono basis later in the month, and throughout the summer. More details to follow but please do get in touch if you would like further information, or if you would like to discuss with one of our Executive Coaches how to organise a session with your team.  Get in touch by clicking here.


[1] Or you may have already exited, depending on where you live …

[2] On a first come first served basis