We take a much closer look

AlgoMe Consulting is expert in transformational change within the Asset and Wealth Management industry.

Our consultants have a consistent and strong track record of delivering complex change programmes across all functions from Investments, Distribution, and Risk to Operations and Technology

We work with you

We support all stages from strategic definition through to design and implementation as well as offering post implementation support.

We step in to support senior stakeholders giving them the extra capacity they need to make decisions. AlgoMe Consulting augments the knowledge of internal stakeholders with our expertise.

Collaboration is at the core of what we do and many of our engagements have involved working alongside other consulting firms to deliver desired outcomes.

Developing teams and individuals

AlgoMe Consulting has a prime mission which is to accompany organisations through their transformation journey.

In some cases, this may drill down into the more specific needs of teams, and even more so, those of individuals who need expert support and focused professional development through the transformation journey of the organisation.

We have the necessary expertise needed to guide teams and individuals successfully through this. This a completely collaborative process which reflects the objectives and requirements of the executive/s and their organisation.


What makes us different

We are an energised and agile consultancy with an innovative approach to all our work. We bring a wealth of knowledge gained from our experience working and making decisions at top-ranking Asset Managers and Consultancies.

We work seamlessly as part of your team, while maintaining our position as the independent ‘outside eye’.

We believe in partnership, collaboration and empowering teams; we give leaders the extra bandwidth they need to deliver change.

We believe in the power of diversity, and strive to constantly integrate best-practice and behaviour in our approach. This philosophy underpins our engagements with our clients, and also with all our stakeholders.