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Paradigm shift – Are we really heading towards a Kodak moment?

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 9 October 2019

As Helena Morrissey prepares to move to a new role[1], she leaves the Investment Management industry with a stark warning to address the pressing issues of technology, trust and talent if it is to survive and avoid the grim fate of Kodak.

Morrissey’s approach is not dissimilar to Yuval Harari’s approach: There are some fundamental shifts that we need to think of collectively, if we want to find the most appropriate strategic answers.[2]

Morrisey’s analysis echoes some of the contextual changes impacting the industry, which we have discussed in a recent series of articles on culture. At this critical juncture, there are choices to be made which are largely driven number of themes and trends. We are recommending addressing these as a matter of priority. We are seeing a great deal of movement: geo-political shift; shifting investors and regulatory requirements; emerging investor requirements; operational shifts; stakeholder shifts, both as investors and workforce.[3]

With so much at stake is gradualism the answer or should we be thinking more radically?

In our new series of articles, we are proposing to dive deeper into the impact of these changes, and how we see the need for a paradigm shift in the industry for it to survive and thrive, and offer a view on how AlgoMe Consulting is helping industry players navigate these uncharted waters. We will do so in the areas where we see AlgoMe Consulting offers most value: Post-merger acquisition work, regulation and innovation.

We trust that you will find some of the answers to Morrissey’s riddle in our articles, and also hopefully some of the creative ways we propose to address these issues at AlgoMe Consulting.

[1] “Morrissey warns of Kodak moment as she quits LGIM,” Ignites Europe, 07-October-2019

[2] “21 lessons for the 21st Century,” Yuval Harari, Spiegel & Grau 2018

[3] “Why does culture matter for the Investment Management industry?”, AlgoMe Consulting, September 2019

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