Developing teams and individuals

AlgoMe Consulting has a prime mission which is to accompany organisations through their transformation journey.

In some cases, this may drill down into the more specific needs of teams, and even more so, those of individuals who need expert support and focused professional development through the transformation journey of the organisation.

Reflective insight for effective leadership

Executive coaching
From time to time, especially in period of transformation, our clients seek for ways to reflect on their roles or their leadership style in light of changing circumstances. Our Executive coaching programme offers a platform to conduct such reflection, with a bias towards practical and effective ways to enhance leadership effectiveness. Our programme is offered to Executives and Managers currently in role, as well as to those in transition to new roles.

Group coaching
Likewise, we work with teams or groups of Executives seeking to reflect on their role, dynamics or effectiveness. Our programme guides our clients through an assessment review, with a view to devise practical and effective ways forward.

Our approach
Each individual, team or group situation is unique. As such, we tailor our coaching engagements to the specific needs of our clients, drawing on our deep business experience and our formal training in coaching and psychology. Our engagements are offered in a series one to one or group sessions; we can also customise discussions as required.

Our consultants
Our consultants are highly trained professionals who have indepth experience of operating and engaging at c-suite level. We operate with integrity, and confidentiality is a cornerstone of our engagement model. Our consultants have ongoing supervision and are committed to continued professional development.