Is Carney’s $130 trillion Climate Pledge the tip of an iceberg for an industry under pressure?

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 23 November 2021

One of the highlights of the COP26 has been the $130 Trillion pledge taken by the Finance industry to combat climate change . This colossal venture faces two almighty challenges; first is expediting the infrastructure and mechanisms needed in order to deploy and oversee the fund and second is realising the environmental and physical returns needed to create a net-zero climate solution, for which it will be no doubt be held accountable.

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Fair winds and following seas unlikely post COP26

Posted by Luuk Jacobs on 28 October 2021

The HM Treasury recently announced that around 70% of the UK public want their money to go towards making a positive difference to people or the planet. This makes a very compelling case for ESG, the most urgent and high profile of which is the environment.

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