Podcast 1 - Introduction to Coffee with Algome


Podcast 1 Coffee with AlgoMe Consulting – Introduction to Coffee With…

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 6 May 2020

Introducing our new podcast series called Coffee With….AlgoMe Consulting.

Right now Covid-19 is an extraordinary disruptor globally, to say the least. This also applies to the Wealth and Asset management industry. In this series of podcasts, we invite members and actors of the industry to share their insight on how Covid-19 is influencing the state of the industry; bringing changes to the industry’s operating models; and certainly impacting the very people who work in the industry. We explain how in this podcast.

Pierre-Yves Rahari, Partner AlgoMe Consulting
Luuk Jacobs, Partner AlgoMe Consulting

Chris New, AlgoMe Consulting

Eva Keogan