Podcast 3 - Covid-19: Is BCP the new BAU?


Luuk Jacobs

Luuk Jacobs


Podcast 3 Coffee with AlgoMe Consulting – Covid 19, is BCP the new BAU

Posted by Luuk Jacobs on 3 June 2020

Our new podcast, Covid-19: Is BCP the new BAU? is now available to listen to below.

In this episode we focus on Covid19: Never in the history of the industry have BCP plans been invoked to the extent seen over the last few months. As the world is coming out of confinement, Covid19 uncertainty remains strong. Is the industry required to stay in BCP mode for the foreseeable future? Is BCP becoming BAU?

We discuss the new norms of working during and coming out of lockdown and where we’ll be heading out for coffee when it’s all over.

Tarne Bevan, COO Interim Greencoat Capital and COO Interim Investments, GAM
Luuk Jacobs, Partner, AlgoMe Consulting

Chris New, AlgoMe Consulting

Eva Keogan