Podcast 10 - Revisiting the Governance model in the WAM industry


Luuk Jacobs

Luuk Jacobs


Podcast 10 Coffee with AlgoMe Consulting – Revisiting the Governance model in the WAM industry

Posted by Luuk Jacobs on 11 November 2020

We are delighted to share our new podcast which is an incredibly informative discussion with a refreshing point of view. As industry looks to refocus and adapt to a post Covid world. The theme of this podcast is revisiting the governance model in the Wealth and Asset Management industry. How has the crisis been experienced in the boardroom and what are the lessons learned besides prominent issues such as digital black lives matters, ESG diversity and economic recession, these present opportunities and risks for the governance model of the industry. What explore with our guest what changes are to be expected in the next six to 12 months or even beyond.


Margaret Cullen, Think Governance, Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant and Independent Non-Executive Director

Colin Bennett, Head of Digital Distribution, GAM, speaking in a personal capacity


Chris New


Eva Keogan

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