Podcast 14


Podcast 14 Coffee with AlgoMe Consulting – ESG and sustainable Finance: Are we moving towards standardisation?

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 26 March 2021

In our new podcast we look beyond the hype and take a deep dive into ESG with those in the know. The Wealth and Asset Management industry diligently integrated ESG into investment and product development processes over the past few years. Today, increasing  taxonomies and regulations raises the question whether we are moving towards a standardisation of ESG? Is this practically possible given the diversity of philosophy and practice in the creation, launch and distribution of ESG solutions? Is this a desirable outcome for the industry?

Listen to our enlightening podcast where we get to the heart of the matter and discuss key developments in the UK and US.

Alex Struc, Founder & CEO, GoalsFirst

Scott Clemons, Partner and Chief Investment Strategist, BBH

Chris New, AlgoMe Consulting

Eva Keogan

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