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Podcast 17 Coffee With… AlgoMe Consulting – Operational resilience: The emergence of new models?

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 28 June 2021

Operational resilience is making the headlines in the Wealth and Asset Management industry, with a strong push from the regulators across the UK and Europe.

Against that background, how are the operating models adapting in the industry, after having been tested to the limit during the Covid-19 crisis?
What is the implication for outsourcing, which is a prevalent model in the industry? How will these operational models stand the test of time in an industry that is continuously undergoing change?

Finally, is operational resilience the preserve of the CRO’s and COO’s only, or should it be seen as a cross-discipline responsibility?


Edith Magyarics, Chief Executive Officer, Victor Buck Services
Mike Tumilty, Global Chief Operating Officer, Standard Life Aberdeen

Chris New, AlgoMe Consulting

Luuk Jacobs, Partner, AlgoMe Consulting

Eva Keogan