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Coffee With… AlgoMe Consulting podcast – Personalisation of investment funds: The next new frontier?

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 7 March 2022

We are talking about how to define define bespoke portfolios for institutional and individual investors in our new Coffee With… AlgoMe Consulting podcast – Putting the “I” in investments: The next new frontier? The adoption of sustainability models in the Investment Management industry has had an impact on the development of bespoke portfolios? How do you really? Is this a new model of Asset and Wealth Management designed for market segments that were not serviced previously by the industry? What are the conceptual, technological, operational and regulatory requirements to support this model; is the Investment Management industry ready for this challenge?


Carolina Minio Paluello, appearing in a personal capacity

Phoebe Stone, Partner, Head of Sustainable Investing, LGT Vestra LLP 

Chris New, AlgoMe Consulting