Luuk Jacobs

Luuk Jacobs


New Coffee With… AlgoMe Consulting podcast: AI – what are the implications for the Investment Management industry?

Posted by Luuk Jacobs on 18 July 2023

We see AI being applied across many industries, which is why we think it deserves to be the centre stage topic for our latest podcast. In this episode we are in conversation with Luuk Jacobs, Partner, AlgoMe Consulting, who has been studying and working in this field for some time now and we ask him the question; what are the implications of AI for the Investment Management industry? He shares his insight into the broader implications for the Investment Management industry and takes a deeper dive into topics such as product and distribution, as well as looking at the compliance and regulation perspective.

This is definitely worth listening to if you’re in the industry and wanting to know more about the increasingly important subject of AI.

Luuk Jacobs, Partner, AlgoMe Consulting

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