Podcast 13


Luuk Jacobs

Luuk Jacobs


Podcast 13 Coffee with AlgoMe Consulting – ESG and sustainability culture in the City, what to expect in a post-Covid and post-Brexit world?

Posted by Luuk Jacobs on 2 March 2021

In the first of our new podcast series, we explore ESG and sustainability in great depth with our guests. Over the last few years, in addition to creating ESG oriented products, the Wealth and Asset Management (WAM) industry has embraced a number of stakeholder inclusion measures, which made their way into the regulation: Diversity, equality, and Gender Pay Gap reporting. Today, in a post-Covid and post-Brexit world, the City’s geo-strategic position has changed and its regulatory framework is under debate. In this context, will the WAM industry be able to continue developing a purpose-driven and sustainable corporate model ? Where do we stand today; and what else is planned, in practice, and from a regulatory perspective? Please listen to hear some great insights and discussion.

Mary MacLeod, Women’s Business Council, UK Government
Adrian Whelan, Global Head of Market Intelligence, Brown Brothers Harriman

Chris New, AlgoMe Consulting

Eva Keogan

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