New case study: Managing a collaborative approach to digitalisation for AML KYC

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 18 January 2023

Re-imaging business process in a digital world can lead to exciting transformation and deliver benefits which go way beyond an initial brief. Our latest work on AML KYC is a case in point for digitalisation as a way of delivering business model innovation.

Since 2020, our daily lives and work have become increasingly digital and this has transformation has shone a light on many new opportunities for problem solving. According to Gartner research1, 94% of CEOs want to maintain or accelerate pandemic-driven digital transformation.

In our new case study we highlight how stakeholder collaboration and solving pain points by turning them into service design created a winning combination.

“We always want to interrogate the situation and ask pertinent questions. We also see the importance of partnership and collaboration which is why we set such great store with socialising our models and testing the solutions when developing knew prototypes. This has worked especially well in the digitalising AML KYC scenario” Said Pierre-Yves Rahari, Partner AlgoMe Consulting.

Read the full case study here and if you would like to find our more please get in touch.


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