Digitalising AML KYC

Client: An emerging RegTech solution provider

Leveraging digital, data and AI technologies to challenge the status quo


The current AML KYC[1] process in the industry is extremely manual and paper-driven, leading to inefficient interactions, thus limiting the ability of stakeholders to focus on their core investment and relationship roles, and introducing a heightened level of AML risk for all parties involved.

In addition, the current AML KYC is based on an outdated operational model, extremely manual and bureaucratic, no longer fit for purpose, proving inadequate to support a challenging, complex, and ever evolving regulatory environment in the industry.

The client mandated us to help them develop a centralised and digitalised solution to manage the AML KYC process for institutions and distributors in the Investment Management industry.

Our Approach

Our approach was to deconstruct the current approach and re-design a processing model that met the client’s brief, leveraged digital, data and AI technologies.

We tested and socialised our model with the market several times then refined it into the digital operating model we recommended to the client.

We then worked in partnership with the client’s technology team to develop a system prototype, which was refined over time through additional market interaction and feedback.

Client Outcome

We developed for our client an industry first digital solution; centralising and managing AML reviews and validation on behalf of institutions, distributors, asset managers and their administrators alike.

This solution was developed to allow market participants to focus on their core duties of client management, investment management and operational fulfilment – while ensuring full AML and Risk management and compliance throughout the whole ecosystem.

[1] AML KYC: Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer

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