Overseeing regulatory remediation

Client: A UK-based Asset Manager with £210bn AUM

Overseeing Regulatory Remediation while bringing disparate programmes together


Our client had been instructed to enhance its internal control environment following a review by the regulator. This led to the creation of a programme with 17 different streams of work, all designed by the client, with the individual projects progressed by different areas of the business. AlgoMe Consulting was asked to report independently to the Board on the progress and quality of the delivery of the various projects.

Our approach

AlgoMe Consulting undertook a review of the programme and was able to design a report which gave an overall view of the programme with clear objectives and deadlines for delivery of milestones.

Client outcome

The overall programme regained its coordinated focus. Besides, a quarterly independent reporting process provides the Board with a thorough understanding of the programme status.

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