Roadmap for servicing and operations: Preparing for the long-term instead of reacting to events

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari and Junaed Kabir on 15 November 2022

 The acquisition of RBC Investor Services by CACEIS marks another milestone in the trend towards consolidation of service providers in the Investment Management industry. Acquisitions or mergers in these areas pose significant servicing and operational risks, which Investment Managers ought to be able to pro-actively oversee and manage. In this article, we are proposing a step-by-step approach to create the conditions of such a pro-active oversight, using the example of fund distribution operations as an illustration.


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Has the urgency passed? Preparing for regulatory changes in the investment management industry

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 1 November 2022

After several weeks of turmoil and uncertainty in the UK, we now have a new Prime Minister in place. While fiscal and budgetary discipline will be the guiding principles of the new Cabinet, details of the policies that will prevail over the next few months are yet to be worked out. In an about turn, what seemed urgent in September now seems to require prudence under Sunak’s stewardship. Has the urgency now passed?

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