Distribution operations: In support of sales efforts

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 3 May 2023

It has been telling to look at the recent attempt by Euronext, one of Europe’s largest stock exchanges, to acquire Allfunds, the global distribution platform. Although the transaction did not succeed, it was an interesting indication of how much distribution operation matters in the investment management industry. This is giving us an opportunity to look a little bit further under the hood of distribution operations and examine how the sales efforts can be enhanced and powered by an efficient and disciplined support model.

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Read the new AlgoMe Consulting IQ Spring 2023 edition

Posted by Luuk Jacobs on 30 March 2023

We are delighted to share the new AlgoMe Consulting IQ in which we have a packed agenda of in depth articles and case studies. In this issue, we will be focusing on how to grow and thrive in a new environment, and how to prepare all around for this.

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Coffee With… AlgoMe Consulting podcast – Future-proofing your operations when providers are consolidating

Posted by Pierre-Yves Rahari on 2 February 2023

Welcome to our first 2023 episode of the Coffee With AlgoMe Consulting podcast. We decided recent news of the acquisition of RBC Investor Services by CACEIS was well worth talking about.

There have been similar transactions across the industry and therefore, it is more than likely a few pressing questions will come to the mind of those CXOs overseeing global fund operations and outsourcing their activities to service providers: What is the rationale for such transactions? What are the benefits for the entities involved? What is the impact of such transactions, for me as a client, or for the investors that my firm is servicing? Listen to the episode to hear our discussion.


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